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Amicus Property Advisors is a high end property management company that is based on a selective and specific criteria:

  • Low maintenance high-end properties that are well kept (no deferred maintenance).
  • Limiting buying and acquiring to the South and West sides of town.

We focus on creating a portfolio of quality properties and not simply on growing the number of properties. This same logic applies to owners and employees. Our goal is to be the BEST property management team in Lubbock!

Operating Principles

Communication is one of the highest priorities at Amicus Property Advisors, transparent and open communication among employees, owner and tenant communication is essential. With tenants and owners all communication needs to be documented electronically first via text (Appfolio, Ring with prospective tenants) or email. If there is a phone call it needs to be documented within Appfolio in the notes section and a follow up text needs to occur to verify what happened in the conversation over the phone.

With few exceptions, documents need to be online. All information pertinent to the company will be digital and easily accessible in an organized manner for all members of the company to be able to view and modify.

This is our company motto. In all decisions use this as a guiding principle. This will dictate all actions from small decisions to bigger decisions like taking on owners, adding new employees etc.

We will be compensated and trained appropriately to be able to deliver a consistent product to the tenants and owners. If there is inconsistency among employee performance, the systems should be modified and the employee will be trained to use the new streamlined procedures. We take pride in paying our employees above market rate so they are incentivized to take pride in their work.

Instead of putting out fires, we will work on preventing the fires from occurring in the first place. This company will make a dedicated effort toward the goal of creating systems to prevent reoccurring problems and automating lengthy procedures. If an employee notices a hole in a system where automation can occur, please bring it to your coworkers attention and advise on how to modify the policy and/or procedure to decrease future work.

  1. Occam’s Razor- There is no need to overcomplicate the process. The simplest option is oftentimes the best.
  2. Automation- Automate anything that can be automated. No questions.

Tackle the most important tasks first- Triage and prioritize tasks in the company. This applies to the micro (e.g. selection of work orders to call out first) to the macro (e.g. owner calls vs. duplicating a key for a property).

Maintain a clean and organized workspace free of physical clutter (e.g. paper stacks on desks) to create an environment that is conducive to productivity. This will be accomplished through having an office that is clean and has a minimal ascetic.

If an employee feels that anyone within the company does not align with the strategic objectives, (especially if it is upper management) have an open and honest conversation about where this person is falling short and help develop an action plan to work towards aligning with the strategic objectives of the company.

Meet The Team

Our knowledgeable team of property management experts are what sets us apart

Ella Glover


Joseph Tombs

Owner | REALTOR®

Madison Hood

Owner | REALTOR®

Kendyl Pirkey

Property Manager | REALTOR®

Beth Wylie

Property Manager | REALTOR®

Nathan Pohlmeyer

Maintenance Supervisor

John Wylie

Legal Counsel

Featured Properties

Here are a few of our quality properties currently under management. 

2409 Quitman Avenue Unit A


3414 Bryan Avenue


6906 67th street


9703 Ross Avenue